About Talking Statues Norwich

10 of the city’s historic statues have been given the gift of the gab! Pass a Talking Statue, swipe your smartphone on a nearby plaque and hey presto, get a call back from Lord Nelson (voiced by Stephen Fry), The City Hall Lions (voiced by Karl Minns and The Nimmo Twins), or Julian of Norwich  (voiced by Sarah Perry and Olivia Colman). Each statue has a story to tell. Together, they tell Norwich's story.

Talking Statues Norwich has been funded by The Forum, Norwich Business Improvement District (BID), National Lottery through Arts Council England , The National Centre for Writing, Festival Bridge, The Norwich Freemen’s Charity, Historic England and the Norwich Heritage Fund. Additional support has been provided by Sing London, Norwich City Council, Norfolk County Council Museums and Libraries, The Norfolk Records Office, Norwich Cathedral and the Churches Conservation Trust.

Local production company Creative Nation have brought the project to Norwich. Alongside the National Centre for Writing, they have commissioned some of Norwich’s most celebrated writers and actors, alongside emerging local talent, to bring Norwich's statues to life.

Talking Statues combines imaginative content with digital location technology to breathe new life into the statues that surround us. Some approaches are dramatic, others comic and others flights of pure fantasy. All aim to persuade the public to look at the statues, and their place within the city, with new eyes.

To hear the statues speak, just bring your phone and pay them a visit!

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*Transcriptions are available for the deaf and hard of hearing. Please contact us to request a copy.

Talking Statues Plaque


Each Talking Statue has a blue plaque nearby.

  1. Scan the QR code on the sign using your phone’s QR reader or type the URL into your phone’s web browser.
  2. Press the green button that says ‘Go!’
  3. Your phone will ring.
  4. Answer the call and the statue will talk!